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About Us

About Bloom Speech and Voice Therapy

Bloom Speech and Voice Therapy is committed to providing high-quality speech and language therapy to all clients. Our primary areas of specialty are providing therapy to children with speech sound disorders and adults with voice disorders.  

Professional Headshot of Sara Osgood

Sara Osgood

M.S., CCC-SLP, Vocologist

Hello! My name is Sara Osgood and I am the owner of Bloom Speech and Voice Therapy. I have been passionate about speech, language, and voice intervention for several years. In 2022 I received my Master’s of Science in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Montana and in 2023 I attended the Summer Vocology Institute and became a trained Vocologist. I was fortunate to be selected for an externship at Mayo Clinic where I developed the love of voice!

Since completing my Master’s program, I worked in an out-patient clinic serving both children and adults. This position brought together my love of working with children with communication disorders and adults with voice disorders. My interests lie in speech sound disorders, such as articulation and phonological disorders in young children, as well as working with adults with voice disorders. You can find more information about these disorders under Services. I began Bloom Speech and Voice Therapy to provide quality SLP services to Boise and surrounding areas, considering the growing needs from the population I aim to serve.

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