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Dysphonia is characterized by altered vocal quality, pitch, loudness, or vocal effort. Dysphonia could be perceptually described as strain, hoarseness, breathiness, etc.

Chronic Cough/
Throat Clearing

Chronic cough or throat clearing occurs when a cough or urge-to-throat clear lasts more than 4 weeks in children and more than 8 weeks in adults. 

Paradoxical Vocal Fold Movement

PVFM happens when vocal cords close when they should open. This makes it difficult to talk and breathe.

Gender Affirming Voice Therapy

Tailored voice therapy to align voices with authentic gender identity. Discovering the strength and confidence in voice as it reflects true self.

Parkinson's Disease Speech/Voice Changes

LSVT LOUD and SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd  are evidence-based speech therapy programs to help people with Parkinson's disease improve their voice volume and articulation. 

Voice Enhancement

Sessions focus on improving vocal function, enhancing quality, and promoting vocal health. Enjoy engaging exercises, learn vocal hygiene tips, and gain confidence in your voice.

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